Nintendo coming on mobile? This is great news for players. I must say that the idea of controlling Mario, Link or Donkey Kong on his smartphone is more than pleasing. And it is naturally Mario who is the first to have the honor to arrive on smartphone. The game in question is called Super Mario Run is you probably couldn’t miss. He introduced exclusively during a Keynote from Apple and is even available in Apple Store test for a few days. For a few hours, the game is online on the Apple app store, and we took the time to test to give you our impressions. We have the new phenomenon Pokémon Go?


Once the installation is done, we can discover the first Super Mario Run screens. After a few seconds, we hear music so characteristic of the mustachioed plumber’s universe. We are asked to choose our region, see a user name to connect with a Nintendo account if we have one.Here’s some new Hack Super Mario Run Android GameSuper Mario Rin Features

We move quickly on downloading additional files that are still quite modest compared to other iOS games and we get on the game itself. Level scenario is the classic in the Mario universe: Bowser came to ravage the Mushroom Kingdom and walked away with a souvenir: Princess Peach. Mario must go on an adventure to retrieve his sweetheart and, incidentally, to rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom.


The first level is a tutorial with help bubbles that appear regularly. Mario runs automatically to the right of the screen and jump over small obstacles and some enemies. If you tap on the screen briefly, Mario will do a small jump. More long press and the character leap higher. There is also the famous bricks that contain coins or bonuses for Mario. To help the day, arrow blocks indicate the paths to follow and some even allow to stop Mario so take the time to choose his direction. If you jump against a wall, Mario can temporarily cling and leap backward. It is also in this way you will be able to access some very high platforms.

Our 1st Step With Mario

In each level, Mario can collect special coins (number 5) that provide access to additional bonuses. Harvested Golden parts can be used to purchase additional content in an another game mode.The adventures of Mario will make him go through 6 different worlds, each consisting of 4 levels. Obviously, replayability is at the rendezvous since paths are not linear.


Super Mario Run offers several modes of games to please all players. In addition to the classic adventure mode, there are also the challenges of Toad. He is facing another real player on the same course. Each player must successfully pass the acrobatic way enough level to impress the Toad and the allies to your cause. The winner will pick up these little characters who will populate his Mushroom Kingdom. It is not enough to be the first or get the most coins, the style also and acrobatics are welcomed. It takes at least a ticket to participate in a challenge.

The Mushroom Kingdom is precisely the last proposed mode. This is your space yourself by placing different buildings. Some will give you even bonuses at regular intervals via access to bonus games. For new buildings or decorations, you’re going to need gold coins collected in the different levels. Management and customization aspect remains however quickly limited by the relatively small space of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Run Victoire !


Super Mario Run is available for free download on iOS. But this does not mean that the game is free. Indeed, it must instead see it as a demo of the version complete. Of the 24 levels proposed, only 3 are free. The next level is available in a free trial of 20 seconds.

Unlock the others, to go to the checkout and pay € 9.99. What is Super Mario Run worth? Difficult to say right now but the content didn’t seem to be extremely stuff. On the other hand, Nintendo plays on the Community aspect since you can challenge your own friends in the challenges of Toad. And there is no doubt that additional levels could be added in the future.


Super Mario Run has many qualities: gameplay accessible to all, a faithfully transcribed universe, various games modes. The bet of Nintendo has everything to be a winner. But how many players will be ready to put their hands in the wallet to unlock the full version or Pokémon Go free? Super Mario Run strength comes from its replayability. The fiercest players will go to redo the levels to recover the pink pieces that add extra challenge. Small flat anyway for the required internet connection that will allow you to play in the subway or the white areas. Even if it is a protection of Nintendo to avoid hacking the game, it would have been wise to play certain modes without connection.

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